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Wedding Videography Packages

Coverage across the uk

You've been planning your wedding for ages, but it's only one day and you want it to go on forever!   Having a wedding film means you can relive those amazing memories for the rest of your lives! From the rings being dropped by the priest during the ceremony to the embarrassing stories told during the speeches, you won't forget a thing when you can watch it over and over again!


One day and a lifetime of memories!

The core part of any wedding day is the Ceremony and the Speeches, but there is so much more that happens on a wedding day that gets missed in the midst of the celebrations. Having a videographer capture your day doesn't just mean you'll be preserving those memories you made on the day, but you will also discover so much more that happened on the day that you didn't even know about. 

Groomsmen accidentally eating raw chicken during the morning preparations, the flower girls picking up previously thrown confetti, the veil flying off in the wind and landing on the roof of the venue, a guest's chair breaking from underneath them, a drunken friend or family member making a fool of themselves, the tears that fall without you noticing and the funny moments that people think have gone sight unseen. So many wonderful moments that can't be forced or created, but captured on film for later viewings.

I cannot recommend enough how much having a videographer capture your wedding day will pay off in the long run, and how much you will regret it in the future, if you don't hire one. There will only be one wedding day, but the film, well that can be watched forever!

But don't take my word for it, check out these testimonials from previous weddings i've filmed

Wedding Previews

So whats the right package for you?

Of course everyone wants their ceremony and speeches covered, but what about the rest of that day? The morning preparations, the first dance, and of course the party! For some it's a no brainer, they want the whole day covered, so not a second of their day is lost or forgotten. For others, the morning is not a time they would like to be captured and so would rather coverage started later in the day, usually just before the ceremony. My packages allow you to choose the right amount of coverage of your wedding day to suit you. But if there's something in the package you'd like added or removed, I am always happy to adapt and personalise a package to suit your needs and requirements.

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The Basic Package

Ceremony to Speeches

Film coverage of the wedding day from the ceremony, through to the speeches. This package includes a Highlights Film of around 10 minutes in length, showing the key moments of the day, edited to music selected by The Lens People.


Screenshot 2022-10-30 at 14.06.10.jpg

The Classic Package

Ceremony to First Dance


Film coverage from the ceremony through to the first dance. This package includes a Highlights Film around 10 minutes in length, edited to music selected by The Lens People. Plus both the ceremony and speeches in full as separate videos. 

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The Premium Package

Morning Prep to First Dance

+ 30 mins party coverage


Film coverage from the morning preparations through to the first dance, plus 30 minutes of coverage after the first dance. This package includes a Feature Film around 20 - 30 mins in length, edited to music selected by the couple. Plus the ceremony and speeches in full as separate videos, and a next day preview.

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Extra film coverage from £100/Hour

Second Videographer - £500/a day


Ceremony in full - £350

Speeches in full - £350


Wedding Preview - £200


Dogcam - £100

Marryoke - £550


Digital Download -£25

USB stick £50

Unedited Footage - £250

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