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Behind  The Lens People

Olivia     Wittet

Hi there!


I'm Olivia, the woman behind the camera lens and the person behind The Lens People - a photography and videography company located in the Cotswolds. After working as a video editor apprentice for a wedding film company called Shoot It Yourself, I just fell in love with the wedding industry and after so completing my apprenticeship, decided to set up The Lens People and start filming weddings.


I have been filming weddings since the 2016 and I believe the reason why my footage is so well loved by my couples is because I film people with an unobtrusive approach that captures what is happening as it is happening, without people realising I am there, meaning everyone is relaxed and their natural selves on film. 

Of course, my prioritory on the wedding day is to film, but it is also very important to me to make sure the married couple are comfortable and happy throughout their special day. This might be by grabbing one of you a drink during the reception, or telling you a terrible cheese joke to calm your nerves before the ceremony. Whatever it is, I'm there to help make your day truly memorable!


Want to know more about me....?

I'm 26, and live with my long term boyfriend of 7 years, Elliot. We have two gorgeous doggos, a cockerpoo and a collipoo - both mixed with poodles because I'm allergic to dog hair and poodles are hypoallergenic. I am a huge fan of the television show Always Sunny in Philadelphia - so much so that Elliot and I actually flew to Philly for the Always Sunny podcast live in Philadelphia. We ended up getting yelled at by Rob McElhenney for being British and not knowing about guns, you can see it on their instagram page. And if you look closely at the pictures above you may notice that my favourite band is called the Little Comets and I may or may not be obsessed with the colour yellow. I'm not sure what else to put here, so I'll just say thanks for reading till the end!

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