Behind The Lens People

Hi, I'm Olivia! The woman behind the lens. I run my own videography business, called The Lens People, located in the Cotswolds.


Launched at the end of 2015, The Lens People is now in its 6th year of providing filming and editing services to clients across the UK.


So a bit of background on me...I first started out as a video editor apprentice at Shoot It Yourself, where I discovered a love and passion for not just videography, but the wedding industry as well.

After editing weddings for SIY for a year and a half, I decided that I wanted to develop my filming skills, and so created The Lens People and started filming weddings for free. Holding down a part-time job for the first few years whilst building the business up during my evenings and weekends. I have now been running The Lens People full time for a while, covering weddings and serving corporate clients across the UK, even through lockdown.

Most of the time when filming, people don't seem to notice I'm there, which is how I like it - as it allows me to capture more natural moments. This is true...until there is a dog...if there is a dog, I will need to go and say Hi to it immediately, and most likely to get an adorable shot of them. I'm just a HUGE dog lover! So much in fact, I have two gorgeous furbabies of my own. I realise I have mentioned dogs a lot in this paragraph...but I just love them so much and thought you should know. Thanks for reading to the are clearly also a fellow dog lover!